To: The 21st Century Educator, Student, or Parent

Over the last few years, I have attempted to become a 21st Century Educator to mirror that of our students who are 21st Century Learners. Through speaking with parents (the first and primary teachers) of both students and other teachers, I have discovered that not everyone is familiar with what 21st Century means in terms of learning and education. I have also discovered teaching with one-to-one devices in the classroom that there is a degree of fear of the unknown and how the technology fits in the classroom. To help calm the fears of the unknown and if I could stand on my soapbox and share my edtech ‘geekiness’ with all parents and teachers out there about 21st Century Learning I would share three things to help share how necessary Educational Technology is:

1. First, I would share a YouTube video titled A Vision of K-12 Students Today. I would point out the video was created in 2007 and is in my opinion out of date at this point. Then I would ask them to think about how far things have come (or should have come) in education and how different the picture of the classroom should look from what it was when they were in the student desks.

2. I would then share the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Students. I would point out the title terms such as creativity, communication, collaboration, research fluency, information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making. These are all things that we would hope our students and children are capable of and that will help them be successful in any job or career.

3. Finally, I would point out the Common Core Standards which have been adopted in most states. I have found some of the same words from the NETS sprinkled in the Common Core standards. In my opinion, this means that (educational/instructional) technology is absolutely necessary.