Attn: Juniors and Sophomores

Juniors and sophomores may want to consider taking a community college class this summer.

Enroll in a community college class. College admission officers at 4-year colleges and universities like students who challenge themselves with community college classes. Take a class in a subject of interest that may become your college major (for example, students interested in science may want to take a biology or engineering class), or take a general education class that will allow you to transfer credits to your future college or university. Check with your favorite 4-year colleges and universities to make sure earned community college credits will transfer to those 4-year schools.

Go online to your local community college’s website to see classes offered. Don’t wait too long to register – classes fill up fast.

Do well in the class. Admission officers at 4-year colleges and universities will strongly consider the grade you earn when evaluating your application for admission next fall. This is especially true if your high school does not offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses.