Luv it….BYOD (Bring your own device) to the classroom.

Teacher Tech

Nothing gets a kid more excited than when you tell them you will be using their cell phones in class. Talk about instant interest! AS IF you are actually going to let them text and “get away” with it!

I tried this experiment today with my 8th grade classes. We talked about Wiffiti,  a dynamic bulletin board that is sort of like Wallwisher on steroids. It provides a place where a person can create a “board” with a specific address to text to. It looks like this:

(see the actual board here)

Students can contribute to the board in one of three ways. They can text to the number at the top of the screen. They can send a “tweet” from their twitter account. Or, they can go to and search for a discreet tag you have put to identify your board. Because they come up…

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